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U3A Writing: Pageboy

Although Jeremy the pageboy looked smart he still had to run hither and thither, as D Nolan's poem reveals.

Jeremy was the pageboy
At the local Royal Hotel
His job there was to answer
When someone rang the bell
In a room behind the office
A board was on the wall
Where a light would start blinking
Whenever a guest would call
His job was to go then
To the calling guest's room
He said the sights he saw there
Would sometimes make him swoon
He said some would want a meal
Some would want a drink
Others would have made a mess
That left an awful stink
That was his job he didn't mind
But the old manager was unkind
He'd call out "Jeremy - where's that boy?'
Answer the bell ! It's not a toy
When Jeremy was dressed up
He looked ever so well
And people who didn't know him
Thought he owned the old Hotel


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