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Open Features: Pennies, Pennies!

Ellie Braun-Haley finds an antidote to cabin fever.

Honestly if this rain does not quit soon I am going to find out how to do a Reverse Rain Dance!!

Hubby, Shawn and I were getting cabin fever this summer so a couple of weeks ago we headed for Montana. We were only away for three nights and we drove a lot and stayed at a different motel each night but we relaxed and we had some fun.

Then the very next weekend we headed south again toward the border. We did not go into the Unit

ed States. Instead we drove along the southern highway and travelled west toward British Columbia. Then we hit the Okanagan and we travelled north through this beautiful area, So nice! Montana and Alberta/Bc have a lot of the same features.

The nice part of going to Montana is they have no sales tax and I bought a lot of stuff to use for my card making. The small, $1.00 cards actually cost me too much to make and the profit margin is so slim. So finding some things at 20 to 25 percent less than I am generally paying will help a lot!

Regarding the cards and sale of these. One lady purchased $70 worth of the cards. she got all one dollar cards as she loves to give them out a church. Another lady ordered cards for all the children she had in her class. And one fellow ordered some of the top of the line cards (you know the ones which are $3 to $5 and he sent me a cheque for one hundred dollars.. Now that was a big order! Most of the orders are $20 to $30.00 but they are so welcome. I will now send off a cheque to Roatan to help pay for the formula for the little babies. It is exciting to be able to do something to help these people!

I did not wish to do much shopping while we were in British Columbia as their sales tax is too hefty!

Although we came across a great buy in a grocery store for the cans of beans which feature five different beans. THese I like to use in making Chili, as the beans are so good for you! I wish now I had purchased a case of them as the cost was less than 99 cents per can and they are running $1.49 each to $1.59 here.

Pennies, pennies!

Must dash. Have a great day.


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