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U3A Writing: The Missing Billy

Billy the goat is missing. What could possibly have drawn him away from his comfortable home field?

Elwyn Frankel tells a sprightly tale.

Jack was up early as usual to attend to his chores on the farm before going to school. He had not long left the kitchen when he came racing back, his blond hair plopping across his forehead.

"Mum, Mum," he called, "I can't find Billy anywhere, the gate has been broken and pushed over."

Billy was a Stud Boer goat, valuable to the farm and Jack's pride and joy.
His mother paused in her breakfast preparations, she knew how fond of the goat Jack was.

"Calm down" she said, "and tell me exactly what has happened."

Jack gasped for breath as he paced around the room.

"Well" he panted, "I took Billy's food out first, as I always do, he wasn't in his pen, I thought he might be near the chook yard, you know how he loves to get at their food. There was no sign of him anywhere, then I noticed the gate down so I came back here for help"

"Your father will be in for breakfast very shortly," said mother "let's wait until we speak to him, and see what we can do"

As they sat around the table everyone tried to come up with the best plan to recover Billy.

Jack pushed his food, around his plate. How could he possibly eat when his Billy was missing.

"We need to think who has shown an interest in Billy," said father, "that might be the best place to start."

"Yes, replied Jack," some people think he is great, but others just loathe him. Oh! What if someone has harmed him."

"It's no good getting yourself in a panic, just let us work this out calmly, and then we will take some action." Father said.

"Old George Brown is always wanting to buy Billy but I'm sure he wouldn't resort to stealing."

"Betty Thomas from my school really hates Billy, she reckons he tried to chew the buttons on her best dress one day."

Mother chipped in, "There are those fellows camped down at the creek, they seem OK, but, I suppose you never know. Still, they wouldn't be able to eat Billy, he stinks far too much for that."

"Oh, Mum" Jack looked pained a this suggestion. Just then the phone rang and Mother hurried off to answer it. Jack and his dad could hear her laughing. Soon she returned with a big smile on her face.

"You can stop worrying," Mother announced. "It seems Billy has turned into a bit of a romeo". "That was Mrs Whitehall from the Post Office. Apparently your precious Billy is down at the town common, leering over the fence at Lizzie Jones's two Angora Nannies. She would like him removed as soon as possible."

Jack gave a sigh of relief and his dad had a good chuckle, turning to Jack he said, "Well, son, we'd better hitch up the trailer and go and bring the old fellow home. Perhaps we should see about a girlfriend for Billy, but until then I will make that gate a bit more secure."


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