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Open Features: A Note To Myself

Ellie Braun-Haley heeds her own advice.

I came across a note I wrote to myself back in early 2008 and was amazed that thus far I have managed to take my own advice and doing so has helped.

The reason for the note to myself came about when I tried to give advice to a grandchild, then decided I needed the same advice! Now isn't that life! My granddaughter was 15 and her problems with her mother were continuous and the same things kept happening like a horrible cycle. At the time I had an old wound I seemed to nurture rather than letting it go. So as I listened to my dear granddaughter lament over the past I wanted to urge her to stop the recriminations over things that caused problems a week ago or three months ago and put her energy into strengthening her relationship with her mother.

Later I was reminded of my own tendency to harbor pain over some injustice and knew I needed to formulate this into something easy to read and follow. So I wrote out my new advice to myself.

* Each time we remind and make accusations for past errors or omissions we hinder our happiness of the moment and our joys for the future.

* Recriminations obstruct our progress in rebuilding and strengthening our relationships.

Okay, thus far, I seem to be doing well at letting go of those things which only harbour negativity. Don't you think it is marvelous that when you are trying to assist another by providing advice that the advice swings around and stares at you? I got the point! I got the lesson! If my granddaughter sees the worth of the words she may choose to fit it into her life as well!


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