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Poetry Pleases: Autumn

Hazel Dracup's verses feature this mellow, colourful season.

Autumn when the leaves start falling from the trees,
Autumn when the wind is more than just a breeze,
Autumn with its colours, the different shades of red,
Autumn when itís dark long before we go to bed.

Autumn when the shivers come slowly creeping in,
Autumn when itís mild you really cannot win,
Autumn when the temperatures tell us what to wear,
Autumn when a snowfall can catch you unaware.

Autumn with the bonfires, and fireworks displays,
Autumn in America with Thanksgiving Days
Autumn when we think of those whoíve died in war,
Autumn when we canít imagine the horrors these men saw.

Autumn with its features is a unique time of year,
Autumn prepares for winter telling us itís near,
Autumn is part of a cycle as shown in days of old,
Autumn in all its glory is truly a sight to behold.


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