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Laugh With Lisa: International Giggle Maker

Lisa DeMarco tells of the journey from waitress to internatonal giggle maker.

Less than two years ago, I was a full-time mom, part-time waitress, wannabe writer with a spicy little collection of jokes I was desperate to publish. My main mission was to finally prove to my dearly beloved dad that all his hard earned money was not wasted on my college tuition, and to spread a little laughter in the world.

Luckily for me, my timing was right on and in a very short time, I was on my way. My first try at an agent, (my 12-year old daughter found one on the Internet) I was accepted. First attempt to “pitch” my book to a publisher, and it was approved. From there it was like I typed my thoughts and ideas into the computer via emails to the Strategic Book Publishing people and within a few days I would see wonderful results.

Several of my acquaintances – professionals in the publishing and marketing fields – all told me, “It never works that easy.”

But again, it had to be in my timing. Our world was in a sad place when I published “Serving Up Some Funny,” and people needed the laugh. It didn’t hurt that I already had a rather large following among my regular customers at the restaurant where I have worked for the past 10 years, along with many loyal friends and family members that were excited to share in my success. So once it was “professionally” put together – looking way cuter than I expected – selling it was a piece of cake.

I completed my one-year contract requirement in a few months after selling my first 300 autographed copies personally out of the restaurant. Up-to-date, I have sold nearly 600 copies myself, plus a few here and there from the Internet. But I am most proud of the 126-copies I shipped this summer to our troops, after Strategic Books made a generous donation of 100-copies, and my daughters raised money through a bake sale to purchase the remaining.

In addition to being a published author, I have also become a regular bloffer.

Thanks to the help of Strategic Book Publishing’s marketing team, I took a giant step into the “modern age” and finally learned how to use my computer as more than just an expensive typewriter. And from that, I have opened up a whole new world of strangers to infect with giggles. Sure, my daughters did have to set me up and design my site before teaching me how to add a new post and check my dashboard. But I’ve come to terms with my technological challenges and still managed to come out on top.

I so enjoy posting my daily tale. I share a joke or a short story, a personal experience or a memory with folks around the world, and they stop by regularly and leave the kindest comments. Best of all, the tell me that they enjoyed their visit, and that to this 30-year veteran waitress are the best tips of all!

These wonderful people don’t even know me and they find my writing worthy of their attention. Some visitors have even been gracious enough to link my site to theirs, and Peter at www.Openwriting.com even gave me my own column, “Laugh with Lisa,” on his Internet magazine, which is based in England. So far comments posted to my blog have come from the US (of course), but also England, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, China…How cool is that? Wow! This simple Jersey girl is really starting to get around.

My book was even in Germany for the Frankfurt Book Fair last month, which took me to the highest level of PROUD – seeing a cover sheet for my silly little joke book translated in a foreign language. (If my head gets any bigger I will have to find someone to hold it up, because my chicken legs won’t be able to handle it for long! Hee hee.)

To top it all off, I was invited to attend the upcoming Miami Book Show.

Too much FUN! I’ve been hoping to make the giggles echo. Wanna help? Remember to laugh, because GIGGLES ARE ALWAYS GOOD!


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