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U3A Writing: Time Was

Monica Duckering's poem reflects upon the span of a life.

Time was when I was just a young 'un
Me and me mate had bags of fun
Splashing about in our dear ol' Murray.
We were never in a hurry.
Caught fish a-plenty for our tea.
Mum was pleased as she could be.
Our clo'se was dirty, prob'ly torn
But we never felt forlorn.
Went bare-foot, had tousled hair.
We laughed, we never had a care.

Now in the declining of my life
I'm sitting here without my wife.
The lonely days drag on and on,
I wonder where the years ave gone.
Just memories to cheer me up,
My dog stays near who, once a pup,
Follered me where'ere I went.
He understands I'm old and bent.
We both walk slower than before
A fact that we cannot ignore

And so I sigh and shake my head.
It must be time to go to bed.
One day soon I'll fade away.
So what more is there to say
Except, remember if you can
The happy child, the happy man.


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