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Donkin's World: Toxers

Richard Donkin's talented son Rob has launched a new game, Toxers.

Rob's new game, Toxers, is just out on the Mochigames site. Mochigames have exclusive use for two weeks before the game will be on general release for other sites to download.

It will be interesting to see how the revenue format works. In addition to advertising accompanying the game - the usual source of revenue for games sites - incorporated in to this game is the Mochi currency that players receive in exchange for real money. This can then be spent on so called "premium features" - higher grade weapons than those available in the free version of the game.

In the exclusive period Mochi receive the whole income from this source, but thereafter Rob (aka BadViking http://www.robdonkin.com/) and his collaborator, RobotJAM http://www.robotjam.com/ , get a proportion of the revenue.

It's not one of the puzzle-style games that I enjoy most but Rob tells me these kinds of games are very popular and the deal they have secured with Mochigames certainly reflects that. Of course, as part of his family "focus group" who try out these creations in the development stage, I've played the game, but zapping monsters is not really my cup of tea, particularly when they can zap you back.

Two more games are in the pipeline, one a kind of reaction and memory testing game and another based on an historical event.


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