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U3A Writing: Trouble On The River Bank

Elwyn Frankel sees a site to prompt serious thought.

He sat beneath a tree quite near the waters edge, his face more a look of despair - or was it anger.

As he stared straight ahead, not moving a muscle, it appeared as though he didn't hear or notice anything that was happening about him. Odd bits of rubbish were stacked around him, a couple of zip top hold alls and what might have passed for a sleeping bag.

I wondered if the young man had been there all night and thoughts flicked through my mind as to why this may be so. Perhaps he came to the area seeking work without success? Had he left home in a huff and now felt too
embarrassed to return? Or was it a case of the age old problem, "a row with the girlfriend."

I continued on and went about my business. On my return journey I was even further intrigued to see him still sitting like a statue.

About 50 metres away was parked a fairly rundown looking 4x4 vehicle. In the drivers seat sat a young woman with the same stony look on her face.

O! What a story lies behind this scene.

I went on home, but fretted all day over these two obviously unhappy young folk.

Could I have helped. Should I have stopped and asked if they were OK and was it any business of mine anyway?


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