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Useful And Fantastic: Worm Farm

Val Yule suggests a novel way of dealing with kitchen waste.

A large amount of food waste hast to be collected by councils. A simple home-made worm farm would cut down on council waste collections and the need to dump waste in landfills.

Most people continue to require many plastic bags when shopping, despite campaigns not to do so, because they believe they have to put their rubbish in plastic bags, especially food rubbish.

Rats are a constant problem when kitchen scraps are put in compost-heaps or in compost-bins with earth floors.

Worm-farms on the market are almost all expensive and need some maintenance.

A worm farm can be made from plaster cans used on building sites. These are usually thrown away. Cut off the bottom of the can and stand it on a cheap plastic sieve which will allow access to worms, but not rats.

Start the farm off with a little damp earth and a few garden worms. (Don’t let it dry out.) As you add kitchen scraps, the worms thrive and multiply. A few fruit flies and slaters dont seem to matter. Every six months or so, lift the can over another bucket or whatever, and take off the bottom layer of worm-full well-rotted compost to use as the most wonderful compost for the garden – or a neighbor’s garden.

This worm-farm is not smelly. But no bones, citrus-peel, large amounts of fat, or tea-leaves. All other kitchen scraps are fine, including torn-up kitchen-paper.

Keep a small-lidded container, such as a plastic ice-cream bucket on a kitchen bench to collect scraps to go into the worm-farm.

Result. Very little needs go into the rubbish-bin. Neighbors can even share bins.


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