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Laugh With Lisa: A Day At The Miami Book Fair

Author and Open Writing's gag mistress Lisa DeMarco had a great time at the Miami Book Fair.

I must have stepped in something, as my mother always said, because lately I have been luckier than I’ve ever been.

Strategic Book Publishing, the company that published my joke book, Serving Up Some Funny, recently invited me to be their guest at the Miami Book Fair. I got to be a part of an International Book Show as a published AUTHOR for the first time ever and not as a food vendor for a change. Cool right? It gets better. I got to go for FREE! Nice.

So, my husband and I dropped our lovely daughters at Nana’s for the day and took a cruise down south from Central Florida, where we live. Discount accommodations right in downtown Miami (again thanks to SBP and the great sponsors of the fair) without kids for the night. Sweet! Plus, we got to stop along the way and visit friends and family that we don’t often get to see, and eat delicious snacks and home-cooked meals they all prepared. Bagels in Boca and BBQ in Coconut Key. What could be better? Good food with people we love, while leisurely driving down the coast of the Sunshine State.

Then to top it all off, when we got to the hotel, it was much nicer than we expected, and our room seemed rather large and quiet without our girls. Breakfast was free and we got to fill up our coffee cups before we left the hotel, again for free. Big bonus. Then, we managed to get into a parking lot directly across from the fair entrance gate, where we weren’t even technically permitted to park – for FREE. Starting to weird me out, but I didn’t want to ruin the wave of positive energy, so we graciously thanked the parking attendants with some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies I had prepared for the fair, and we walked on.

When I got to the gate I immediately walked up to the ticket booth. Emails I had been sent regarding the event stated that I was responsible for the $8 entrance fee, so I handed the clerk a $20 bill and asked for two tickets. As she was getting my change, something was said and my response was, “Yes ma’am I am one of the authors.”

She than handed me back my $20s and told me I just needed to sign in at the tent marked GUESTS. Excellent! Can’t ask for much more than that. But, somehow I managed to keep the good energy flowing all day and by the time it was over, I had made several WONDERFUL new acquaintances and my daughters got to see their father on T.V, wearing a t-shirt that had my book cover printed on it. I also got an offer to have my book translated into Spanish. I traded a copy of my book with another SPB author, and I managed to sell four copies to passers by. Not to mention, we handed out a couple hundred book markers that delightfully displayed my pink and black checkered book cover and how to find me.

Overall, I had a GREAT trip! Life is good!


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