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Dusk To Dusk: Double Dog Dare Ya

Michael B Poyntzís poem tells of true friendship.

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Gumboot heroes
splashing in the rain
two caped crusaders
bring the challenge on

wagon wheels in our pockets a nickel buys the day
hide and seek the adventure that we play

double dog dare ya to be as brave

a budding buccaneer
swathed with yellow gumboots
a princess with a tiara demands purple
but then she is only four

stand by you forever
spit and hope to die
my word is my bond
what else do I have to give

double dog dare ya
to jump as high
...as me
no puddle ever too deep
no dream ever too far
a promise is a promise
don't ja know don't ja know

two untouched treasures priceless trust and innocence
best friends forever
what else would best friends


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