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Useful And Fantastic: No Waste Of Babies

Every baby should be wanted, declares Val Yule.

Every baby should be a wanted baby, welcomed into a loving caring home.

In Victoria, Australia, 24,900 children accessed homeless services on their own. All over the world, abandoned children seek succour. Departments of Family Service in all countries have not enough staff to cope with the children in need.

The figures are appalling in rich countries and in poor. People have babies they do not want: they may have enough already, or they don’t want babies in the first place.

Other people try to make people have the babies they do not want. Tremendous efforts go into trying to get such babies born, effort that could be going to help ensure that all babies born to loving families will have enough to eat and drink. Many desperately poor families have welcomed their babies, and given them all the love and care they could, amid terrible circumstances.

Nobody knows what will happen to the child they have longed for and welcomed. These too may be added to the figures of unwanted children through war, social conflict, economic poverty, and family disaster—all the things that can happen. But we can try to build a network of safety round the children, so that others can step in if we fall down.

But thousands of babies across the world are born to people who don’t want them. Sometimes it is only because the time is not right, and when the time is right, babies are welcomed. There are many reasons: teenage mothers; full families; parents unable to shoulder the challenge; ill mothers; times that are bad; parents unwilling to shoulder the extra needs of children with special needs. Who is to blame them, they know how they are at the time? Would you take that baby from them, to care for yourself?

I have worked in a hospital which discovered how to save badly damaged spina bifida babies. The doctors were jubilant. Until they discovered what happened to the babies they rescued from certain death, and to the families, the mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. Then they worked on a better life for spina bifida babies who could have a better life, and were less gung-ho about saving those who could not.

A lot of life of suffering with little to show from it have resulted from some modern medical advances in saving damaged infants. Saving some pre-term babies is surely a mistake. So pleased the parents at the time! And then facing the long years of an incomplete child, often borne by the mother alone. For the father often goes elsewhere when the mother is fully taken up by the needs of her never-growing-up but ever-growing-heavier child.

Mothers who seek abortions may be called selfish. But who helps them out if they keep the child? The most selfish people may be those who label these mothers who have had to make an awful decision. Right to Life must be labelled Right to Life More Abundantly, and those adhering to it putting their own lives to where they say – to give a child saved the love and care it must have. Money at distance is not enough. The New Testament was clear that “Life” is more than existence; the promise was “Life more abundant”, and spiritual and psychological harm to a child was worse than physical. Abundant life for a child includes meeting needs that are physical and spiritual.

All the children conceived that are not wanted should not have been conceived. Why should good-minded people let them be conceived, and even prevent mothers having contraceptives? Why should governments or religious faiths encourage with money people to have babies who should never have them!

And again, all the children conceived that are wanted, and their parents have not got enough to care for them. Rather than consider the “rights to life” of the unborn babies who are not wanted, and the parents who do not want them, if you are not willing personally to give those babies your love and attention, think of all the children in the world who are wanted, and who have parents to love them, but perhaps do not have the ways out of poverty, which you can help to provide.


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