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Poetry Pleases: The Weighting Of Beauty

Engagement with beauty is a solitary affair, writes poet Ivor Murrell.

Beauty strains through our paucity of vision
Our mundane burdens shutter stimulation
blocking imagination from moments of elation
reducing opportunities for what the eye might glean.

The sun’s kiss on water forms a blushing patina
but to the un-enchanted the reflection in retinas
shows only movement to indifferent observers,
unaware that infinity has added its gleam.

Beauty’s simplicity can tip the torpid balance.
In a life in tune to the complexities of existence
a sense of sublime will occasionally surface
as ephemeral beauty subverts rigid regime.

Engagement with beauty is a solitary affair
each encounter draws its enticing snare
a symphony of balance, or asymmetric flair.
Nothing hobbles beauty, its movement is supreme.

As the Curlew’s cry identifies the species
wavering echoes across estuary marshes
call to our unease that darkness approaches,
so beauty informs of our transitory theme.


Do visit Ivor’s Web site www.versifier.co.uk


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