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A Writer On Writing: Writers’ News

Sally Jenkins suggests that you should consider submitting articles to Writers' News.

Do visit Sally's Web site http://sallyjenkins.wordpress.com

I have an article on page 32 of the December issue of Writers’ News. It’s about buying the perfect Christmas present for your writer friends. Pens and book tokens can get a bit boring year after year so I’ve tried to include some useful alternatives such as a shoebox of ideas (imagine the joy of just picking an idea from a box when writers’ block has struck!) or the gift of time (offer to mind a friend’s children for a couple of hours so that she can get stuck into her novel).

Unfortunately Writers News is only available on subscription with it’s sister publication, Writing Magazine, so I can’t tell you to rush out and buy it. But I do think a subscription would be money well spent (or the perfect Christmas present!) if you’re interested in advice on all aspects of writing and/or information on potential markets for your work. http://www.writersnews.co.uk/main/default.asp
Both publications also accept freelance articles – so contact the editor if you’ve got a writing related feature idea. It could be your mug shot gracing the magazine's pages next!


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