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Useful And Fantastic: Peace Museums

Val Yule calls for the establishing of museums to glorify peace.

Many countries have War Museums, but war does not stay in museums.

Peace Museums could glorify Peace. How? Displays of civilisations, before and after displays of lost treasures accumulated over centuries and destroyed in minutes. Smiling countrysides and beautiful cities - and the desolate wastelands made of them The suffering of survivors. War is harder on the living than the dead.

A peace museum could highlight countries which do not know what, countries whiuch don't have armies and pay for military weapons. Attempts could be made to show the causes of war, and how they could be eradicated.

A peace museum could show the delights of constructing and creating, the pleasure of building wonderful towers and cities. Nine-year-old boys love to scuffle, to join a mischievous gang and revel in tales of blood. A museum could show how males can grow up and turn away from violent instincts.

Stories from history could warn of the results of violence. There could be an honour roll of peace-makers who brought prosperity. The stories of those appearing on the roll could be studied in schools.

There would be a black list of arms manufacturers and weapons traders, a list that would be kept up to date. The Black Lists of arms manufacturers and traders and similar war criminals, kept up to date. Another list would show what poorer countries are paying for weapons, and where the money came from for those weapons.

Music will play in the museum forecourt, "Where have all the flowers gone? The music that Beethoven composed as he was deafened by the siege of Vienna and the laments that have arisen at so many times, in so many languages.

Peace blockbuilder films and documentaries will be shown, films that sharpen an appetite for peace. There will be Irene awards for films highlighting peace, Irene awards to become more coveted than Oscars.

Imagination is the ability to consider what may be possible in the real world. On TV, ruin, destruction and suffering entertain voyeurs. Through the eye of imagination, we can feel what these really would be like and imagining further, imagine peace


More on museums.

1. A museum of the future! What different dioramas there could be!

2. I am making a room into a museum for old good children's books for learning to read, that are in danger of being forgotten - everything from sets of Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia to The Ear Book, Bears in the Night and the Cat in the Hat Picture Dictionary.

3. My home is a museum of working models of old appliances that are less wasteful and last longer than newer ones. A twin-tub washing machine. A 100-year-old bread-knife that can cut anything. A manual lawn-mower that is quicker than a power-mower - counting the time setting it up - is light enough for a child or an 80-year-old, and was Australian made last century. Many manual mowers are brummy. This one is not. And so on.


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