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Poetry Pleases: Rainbows

Hazel Dracup is inspired by a bow of pure delight.

Rainbows are really special they add colour to the sky,
Stretching out from side to side one often wonders why?
Where it starts and where it ends a mystery can be,
Seven colours rich and beautiful is what you always see.

Red that reminds of roses with their fragrant smell,
Orange as in blossom growing in the dell,
Yellow as in the primrose or daffodils in Spring,
Green like the lush meadows when nature likes to sing.

Blue one thinks of water flowing in the sea,
Indigo and Violet like purple they might be,
All combined resulting in a bow of pure delight,
That's only seen in daylight, never in the night.

The origin of rainbows was back in Biblical days,
The earth was destroyed by water as a result of sinful ways,
God made a promise to Noah this would never happen again,
It's just as true for us today as it was back then.

When sunshine combines with raindrops a rainbow then appears,
It fills my heart with gladness and allays all my fears,
It acts as a morale booster in whatever I might do,
It spurs me ever onwards and refreshes me anew.


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