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A Writer On Writing: This England

Sally Jenkins suggests a good market to aim at for those wanting to have a go at non-fiction writing.

Many years ago when I was starting out on my writing career I did a correspondence course with The Writers’ Bureau. http://www.writersbureau.com/ For one of my first assignments I wrote a short article about Birmingham Botanical Gardens and my tutor suggested I send it to This England. http://www.thisengland.co.uk/single.htm?ipg=10677 I did and they published it in their Cornucopia section. I got paid and felt like a real writer.

This is a good market to aim for if you want to have a go at non-fiction writing.

This England is a glossy, quarterly magazine for “all who love our green and pleasant land.” It contains illustrated articles on English history, traditions and towns and is “read by two million patriots all over the world”.

The Cornucopia section consists of several short pieces, some written in house and some supplied by freelances. They range in length from around 250 to 400 words and cover topics such as the centenary of a Brighton cinema, Digswell Lake near Welwyn Garden City and recyling at Chatsworth House. I’ve found that the easiest pieces to get accepted are those based on an anniversary of some kind, e.g. 50 years since the birth of X, 75 years since building Y was opened.

The magazine’s Guide for Contributors states that articles should be “about our country’s people and places – its natural beauty, towns and villages, traditions, odd customs, legends, folklore, surviving crafts, etc. ” Short poems (6 to 24 lines) that are meaningful rather than clever are also accepted.

The best way of getting a feel for the style and content of the magazine is get hold of a copy (it is available in WH Smith and other good newsagents).

Submit your article (with an SAE) to:

The Editor (MSS)
This England
P.O. Box 52
GL50 1YQ

Material related to a particular date or season should be sent at least 6 months in advance. A decision on work submitted can take up to 3 months and be warned if you chase the fate of your piece before the full 3 months has elapsed, the Guide says “Material is invariably returned without further consideration to an over-zealous contributor.”

Payment is £25 per 1,000 words plus a contributor’s copy of the magazine.


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