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An Englishman In New York: Underwhelming

David Thomasesson was hugely uinimpressed by New York's new year event.

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My first New Years Eve in New York, we went to a local restaurant for the usual overpriced dinner, gratis party favors to help celebrate with people you抳e never met and who you抣l never see again, until finally the moment arrives.

My first New York ball drop ceremony. Here we go54...3...2...1協ireworks卆nd the ball drops卼hen what happens next卬othing...surely not, there must be something else卬o there isn抰.

My first ball drop and that抯 it? Well excuuuuse me, you call that a drop? Apples drop off trees, just ask Isaac Newton, feathers were dropped off the tower of Pisa, and guess what, they accelerate! But the ball just slides down what is really a very short pole (approximately 60 feet), with no sense of occasion and just stops. It just stops, move along now, there抯 nothing more to see.

Here抯 an idea, why not add some excitement, a little zip, even a suggestion of danger. Perhaps the organizers could be persuaded to induce a mistake in the proceedings, and have the ball accelerate, hit the bottom, bounce, land in Times Square, and roll down Broadway so that we can all have an Indiana Jones moment.

In today抯 overactive, hyped-up, fast-pace of living in New York, this ball drop is the most anti-climactic, over-hyped, under-whelming event of the year. Perhaps that抯 why they keep it until the last day. And, we抳e waited all year for this?

Um, can抰 wait for next year, not.


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