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Dusk To Dusk: A Distant Echo

...I held you in my arms through the night
as a stranded man holds belief to his chest..

Michael B Poyntz comes as close as it is possible to get in words to expressing true love.

It is the impossible... is it you I had felt your presence seconds before
the softness of your voice swept once again across my life's landscape
harvesting all of the passion that I have only known, tasted and shared with you
so very long ago...a lifetime ago
your voice... that sweet warm voice
that once dissolved all of time herself for me
a voice whose soft murmur alone could strip away any resistance in a heartbeat
to desire...to need...to take and to give the scent of hunger, passion
and timeless moments love's perfect trilogy...
amore came so easily to us

I used to inhale your perfumed fragrance
as if my very life depended on it
I held you in my arms through the night
as a stranded man holds belief to his chest
thoughts of your kisses haunt me still
a kiss so staggeringly soft that
its memory alone brings tears to my eyes
and now, a distant echo from a forbidden past
we had said our goodbyes in Italy long ago
and yet the taste of you has lingered
on my lips as if your touch could never end
unimaginable.. .you can never truly say goodbye
to the one that enfolds your dreams takes you to your knees... over and over

I turned instinctively to face the imposter
how dare she mimic to perfection
the one true voice of passion in my life
there have been others since
I could never lie to you
but 1 have loved only you and my love I do
it is the impossible... it is you


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