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Laugh With Lisa: Spreading The Laughter

Our resident giggle mistress Lisa DeMarco tells how she came to write her highly successful books which are crammed with good jokes.

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I believe our nation is in a sad place right now, and as a whole, our world could use a little laughter. I need to be a part of that. I would be honored to help spread the laughter and make the giggles echo.

My books, Serving Up Some Funny and Serving Up Some Funny Leftovers, are filled with jokes. Simply one page after another of “spicy” jokes collected by a veteran waitress. A Jersey girl that moved down south to earn her degree in Journalism from the University of Central Florida. Good ole’ UCF…go KNIGHTS!

The book started to compile itself about 10-years ago. My boss, the original owner of the restaurant where I work, suggested that because I had my big degree in writing I should actually do something with all the silly jokes I forced everyone around me to constantly hear. “Maybe you should write a book,” he said, not realizing that he triggered something in my head. After that I was on a mission.

I was the opening waitress back then, and in the early morning it was usually all older men. Regulars. These patrons had been coming to this restaurant before it was even in this location. Some of the folks had literally been dining every day for decades, prior to me even being hired. Same person in the same seat at the same time ordering the same food and beverage, every day. With the same men and women sitting near them in adjacent booths.

I’m sure it must sound hooky, but I loved it. I had already been in the restaurant business for over 10-years, so I didn’t have a hard time getting the position in this quaint and cozy little mom-and-pop diner style establishment. I was born to be a server. It doesn’t sound like a promising career choice for a woman with a college degree, but I really did enjoy it. The only glitch for me was the restaurant owner and most of its year round customers were native Floridians, and the minute I said, “Coffee,” they all would started rolling. Something about my Jersey accent, they either loved it or called me a Yankee. Nine years on they are my biggest fans.

Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether I am serving them up some breakfast or their “signed in pink ink” copy of my oh so very cute books, either way, they always leave HAPPY and come back for more.

Good food. Good bad jokes. Life is GOOD!


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