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Poetry Pleases: Trees

Hazel Dracup pays tribute to life-giving trees.

Full of leaves on branches that's what makes a tree,
Trees form natures landscape visible for all to see,
Some are called deciduous they have leaves that fall,
Others are coniferous which all year round stand tall.

Ash and elm and sycamore names of just a few,
An oak tree with its acorns that's planted to renew,
Horse Chestnut with its conkers that children like to find,
And coconuts from palm trees and olives come to mind.

Several types of pine trees stand tall above the rest,
Douglas Fir and Redwood are ones I remember best,
Cedar of Lebanon is another I recall,
And then there's the Scots Pine but that's not even all.

There are some with long leaves that can be very hairy,
Others prickly are when felt you have to be quite wary,
Some stand out in comparison with branches knarled and twisted,
One can tell by growth rings how long a tree's existed.

Trees assist the environment by breathing in CO2
Then releasing the oxygen that is what they do,
The timber they provide us with is sent to far and wide,
To all the corners of this earth quite an lengthy ride.

They have an important purpose let us not forget,
They're not just there for sheltering when walking in the wet,
Imagine being without them a dismal sight indeed,
To us they are life-giving and something that we need.


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