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An Englishman In New York: US Car Market In 2010

"America does not build cars that Americans want to buy, only trucks and SUVís,'' concludes columnist David Tomasesson after surveying the latest auto sales statistics.

The bean counters at MotorIntelligence.com have closed the books on 2010 car sales and the results are in. December 2010 sales were up almost 13% over the prior December. Not exactly zooming off the lots are they, given that the previous year was probably as low as can be, but certainly moving into second gear.

The devil is in the details though. For example, using the same December on December comparison, Fordís F-Series trucks were the winner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_F-Series followed by Chevyís Silverado truck range http://www.chevrolet.com/#cruze Then, one Toyota http://www.toyota-global.com/ and two Honda models all cars. Followed by, youíve guessed it, another American manufacturer with the Chrysler Dodge truck category http://www.chryslergroupllc.com/

See the pattern here, no? In plain English, no big words or joined up writing; America does not build cars that Americans want to buy, only trucks and SUVís.

Next on the list are two Johnny foreigner types again, followed by a Chevy SUV and finally, so rare I thought it was extinct, an American car the Ford Fusion http://www.ford.com/cars/fusion/ in an unbelievable 10th spot. So Americaís carmakers (ahem), only have one car in the top ten. Not even in the next five, somewhat incredible really.

For all the hype surrounding Government Motors http://www.gm.com/, now back to being the General again, thereís a long way to go. And, of the top ten automakers, all of the seven foreign metal bashers (except for Toyota which had some recall issues last year), posted double digit increases. In the US, only Chrysler did likewise. GM, did 8.5% and Ford 6.8% Not exactly a driving performance.


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