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North American Dreaming: A Love As Kind

William Burkholder tells of a love as kind as an angel’s wing.

In a single moment,
When I gaze upon you,
When I look into your eyes
I see,
I touch,
I feel,
A heart beat
Of immense proportions
Beating within a special soul
this heart, your heart,
Has opened me to new possibilities,
Has opened me to wider, greater smiles
Has shown me the possibility of
A love that I have never known before
A love as kind as the flutter of an angel’s wing
A love that is new, fresh, and I am graced
With this love, your love, You.
My blessings, the grace, the gift,
in your smile, in your words,
in the gift of your lips upon mine
Thank you,
Beautiful, wondrous as the day is long and more
my blessing, you.


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