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Illingworth House: Chance Child, Part 2 - 32

Harry Clemence revels in the news that his officer son is giving John Illingworth a hard time in army training.

John Waddington-Feather continues his not-to-be-missed story of a Yorkshire mill-owning family.

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Their relationship was changed but not their love for each other after they knew who was their real father. When Ann got over the initial shock and it became clear her mother was telling the truth, in some strange way her mother and she drew closer. After all, they'd only got each other. Ann had lost John and her mother had never loved her husband. Only now did Ann realise why her mother had tried to keep her and John apart; nevertheless, she'd been cruel in the way she'd treated him.

They talked more and more about the past and the way her mother had been spurned by John Illingworth; and just as tragic was Helen Greenwood's life and the part her mother had played in it. Too late, Rosemary bitterly regretted that now and her suffering intensified with guilt. Ironically the love she'd held for John Illingworth, she now transferred to his son as if he were her own child.

The letters Rodney sent home added to her hurt, but Harry Clemence revelled in them, reading them aloud to her and laughing gleefully when he learned how Rodney was putting John through it. He knew, too, it would hurt Sir Abe and by devious means he made sure the old man got to know. In the past, he'd always got at Rodney when he had the chance, comparing him unfavourably with John. Now Clemence exacted his revenge to the full.

It all became too much for Rosemary and one day Ann found her unconscious on the floor at home. They rushed her into hospital where they diagnosed a stroke. It brought them all up with a jerk but Harry copped out, leaving Ann to look after her mother. She didn't improve and eventually went into a nursing home at Ilkesworth when she left hospital. That gave Harry a free run in with his talley woman, who openly took to visiting him at Rosemary Nook. Later she moved in.

It followed that Rosemary's affair with Simon Grimstone died the death. The lawyer was never one for helping others and he couldn't handle illness. He visited her once in hospital and that was that. He never went to see her in the nursing home and she didn't see him again for years.

Ann fought hard to repress her love for John but it was a lost battle as her love for him grew. She became withdrawn, spending all her time attending to her mother or visiting Sir Abe. While John was away she felt his absence keenly and because her love for him could never be consummated, it burned the fiercer.

Throughout that autumn John's army courses kept him fully occupied and when he'd passed them he was allocated to an airborne unit, going back to Aldershot to complete a parachute course and combat training. Then he returned to Mareton for his posting.


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