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Feather's Miscellany: Edward - Act 4, Scene 5

John Waddington-Feather continues his engrossing play based on a crisis in British constitutional affairs.

Time: The same night.
Place: Mrs Simpsonís apartment in London

Edward: Forgive me for coming so late, darling, but I had to see you urgently, for Iíve
just had the Prime Minister visit me to discuss our relationship,
and itís quite clear the Cabinet are trying to force us apart. They want you
to delay your divorce.

Mrs Simpson: What did you tell him?

Edward: I fobbed him off by saying we were only good friends and that your
divorce was your business, not mine.

Mrs Simpson: [Putting her arms round his neck] But I hope weíre more than simply
good friends, darling.

Edward: [Kissing her brow] You know how I feel about you, Wallis. Youíre as close
to me as myself. I swear I love you more than Iíve loved any woman.

Mrs Simpson: And in you Iíve found the man of my life, the man I want to spend the rest
of my life with. So what are we going to do?

Edward: Wait and see how things develop. Letís play a waiting game and see
what their next move is. Those I trust most among our friends think
that opposition to our marriage will blow over. Thereís a new
generation growing up which sees things differently and given time Iím
sure weíll be able to marry without much fuss.

Mrs Simpson: But time moves on, David, and weíre not young any more. Weíre both
past the first flush of youth, and I want us to be together now for the rest
of our lives without any threat of separation hanging over us. I want to
marry you David, and live with you in wedlock Ė not as your mistress. I
want to be at your side as your wife when youíre crowned King next year.

Edward: No one will keep you from me, darling. Baldwin and his cronies can do
what they want but theyíll never separate us [Eagerly] Thereís so much to
do and so little time to do it. We need a complete change of Government
here and I want to bring in fresh ideas to make this country a nation fit for
a new generation to grow up in, as Hitler is doing. Heís brought his
country into the twentieth century and got rid of all those holding it back
and Iíll do the same here. The old order died with my father and with you
at my side weíll bring in a new one. Youíd like to be Queen of a new
and truly great Britain, wouldnít you, Wallis?

Mrs Simpson: More than anything Iíve dreamed of, but itís a little daunting. Unlike
you Iíve had no training, never moved in royal circles till I met you. Iím just
a raw American girl.

Edward: Youíre more, much more than that. Youíre a woman of commonsense;
not one of those simpering, brainless debutantes who are always
throwing themselves at me. Youíll go down well as Queen with the
ordinary people of Britain, because youíre one of them; not some
aloof aristocrat lording it over them. The young donít want a Queen on
a pedestal. They want someone they can respond to; someone like
themselves, not born to rank and privilege but who started life at the bottom.

Mrs Simpson: A commoner?

Edward: A Queen with the common touch.

Mrs Simpson: You flatter me, David. I only hope I can live up to your expectations,
my darling. [Kisses him] But what about your own loyalty toTo your family and advisers?

Edward: One has to be loyal to oneself first else one cannot be true to anything else.

Mrs Simpson: I hope youíre true to me, darling?

Edward: You are my very self, my true self, Wallis. Without you life is meaningless.

Mrs Simpson: Does your Prime Minister know all this?

Edward: Iím doing my damnest to make it clear to him, but he doesnít want
to understand, nor do the others. He never considers what I feel. He
keeps harping on about what is my duty to the country, but how can I serve
the country if Iím not true to myself and to my love for you?

Mrs Simpson: Is that why heís so against me, because he thinks Iím stopping you
fulfilling your duty as King?

Edward: Iím certain of it, though heís never said so in as many words. He only
hints and suggests. If only heíd come out with what he really thinks like
the Archbishop, Iíd know where I stand and could act accordingly.
But whatever he thinks or tries to do heíll never separate us, Wallis. I
love you too much.

Mrs Simpson: Is no one supporting you in Parliament?

Edward: Only Walter Monkton. Heís the only one I can confide in. We served in
the army together, and heís been a true comrade ever since. He
was appointed lawyer in charge of my estates when he left the army and
has always been as true as steel.

Mrs Simpson: What does he think you should do, David?

Edward: I was quite open with him and said I didnít know how things were going to turn out. I told him I didnít think they wanted me to be King, because I
was too independently minded, but I suspected he already knew that.
They want a King like my father, who will act only on their advice. But
Iím not like that.

Mrs Simpson: Thatís why I love you, David. Weíre two of a kind.

Edward: I even suggested my brother Bertie would make a better King.

Mrs Simpson: But heís so shy. Heís not like you at all.

Edward: I know, but heís a family man and that will go down well with the people.

Mrs Simpson: We may have a family ourselves one day, David.

Edward: That remains to be seen, Wallis, but Bertie has a ready made one and heís
a good father. He adores his two girls, and Elizabeth, his wife, is a
good mother. Theyíre the sort the Archbishop and Baldwin would like
as King and Queen; a couple whoíve led a steady life unlike myself.

Mrs Simpson: Weíd never have met if youíd been the steady type, David.

Edward: I was never that, till now when youíre the only woman in my life; and now
Iíve found you Iím not going to give you up for anything or anyone.
My duty is to you first, darling, first and foremost.

Mrs Simpson: [Embracing him] I adore you when you speak like that. Never stop
telling me of your love for me.

Edward: The moment I met you when Thelma Furness brought you to dinner
that night I knew we were meant for each other. When you came
through the door you brought new light into my life, Wallis.

Mrs Simpson: And I was lost till I met you, wondering where on earth life was
taking me next after two failed marriages Ė and now here I am as hopelessly
in in love as a schoolgirl.

Edward: You might say that the past has been our learning years and
now here we are Ė two fully fledged lovers. With you as my wife, I
can face anything the future throws at me.

Mrs Simpson: Once my divorce comes through we can begin life afresh together.

Edward: From this time forth and for evermore.

[They kiss]



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