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Donkin's World: Hambo

Richard Donkin tells of the success of his son Rob whose latest game Hambo is proving to be a huge success.

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He did his tour of Vietnam, returning to an ungrateful nation. Times have changed. No-one wants to be reminded of this forgotten war. Some have turned vegetarian. There's no hero's welcome for veteran porkers, Hambo and Bacon, just harassment from the police who don't want them in town.

Bacon gets roughed up and bundled in to the meat wagon. They've seen too much, done too much together. There's a code among veterans - you don't let your buddy down. Hambo is hurting, then....something snaps.

This is the premise for Rob's latest game, Hambo http://www.robdonkin.com/, that has already notched up a million plays since its launch four days ago, with 380,000 plays on the first day.

Hambo, like his namesake John Rambo, has access to an impressive arsenal of weaponry to hurl at the police who seem hamstrung in response.

The game has 36 levels but a big part of its appeal is that it also allows players to create their own levels and they've been doing so in their hundreds.

Rob has been enjoying a few days in San Francisco at the flash games developers' very own Oscars ceremony http://jayisgames.com/archives/2011/02/legend_of_the_golden_robot.php. One of his games was nominated for an award but, like Annette Bening and Helena Bonham Carter, he had to watch the prize go elsewhere.

No matter, I'm sure he's had a fruitful time, meeting other developers who he says "all take their jobs very seriously." Of course they do. This is business now, but it's good to know he's still having fun.

The release of Hambo and another game, The Legend of The Golden Robot http://www.robdonkin.com/the-legend-of-the-golden-robot/#comments(both co-developed with RobotJam; Golden Robot is reviewed here http://jayisgames.com/archives/2011/02/legend_of_the_golden_robot.php ), coincided with the Flash Gaming summit, so he had plenty to talk about. Hambo has taken off unlike any other game he has done so far. Maybe at next year's awards this will do what the King's Speech did in Hollywood.


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