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North American Dreaming: Lackawanna Blues

William Burkholder "sings'' the blues for a dead railway.

Lackawanna blues,
the trains have stopped running,
Belching black fire no more.

Lackawanna blues, the telegraph lines, rusted and tired, now silent.

Lackawanna blues, Ivory insulators, scavenged as the bent rails and flattened spikes.

Lackawanna blues, Old engineers and switchmen, dead and long forgotten. The gandy dancers whisper, I can still here their songs

"Lackawanna blues...Lackawanna blues, A gandy dancer needs a pair good shoes, Lackawanna blues, Lackawanna blues, Gonna move dis rail on the two by twos..."

Walking the empty beds, the sidings, and rails.
You will hear the gandy dancers sing their ghostly tales.


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