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Poetry Pleases: Nature In Its Fury

Nature needs to be respected, says Hazel Dracup in her latest poem.

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Nature is really beautiful but can be violent too,
Hurricanes and earthquakes with tsunamis are a few,
Volcanoes with lava spreading all around,
Leaving behind the ashes when cooling on the ground.

Then there are the rivers which flood all over the plain,
Coming up to several feet - it’s simply all that rain,
More than a months rainfall in a matter of several hours,
Torrential in comparison with the usual daily showers.

Others include avalanches and uncontrollable landslides,
Where mud and rocks and snow push down the bleak hillside,
Seeing nature unleash its fury wreaking havoc in its wake,
Can often bring much heartbreak and be more than one can take.

Nature needs to be respected as it really is in charge,
If we ignore the warnings the consequences can be large,
Although nature can be cruel let us not forget,
There is so much beauty around us and yet -

Think of the butterflies as they flit from flower to flower,
And bees gathering nectar which they do from hour to hour,
Often after much destruction a new spurt of growth will appear,
Let’s cherish the things we appreciate and those we hold so dear.


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