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Dusk To Dusk: No Way to Tell You

Some feelings are too intense for a poet to express – even a poet as talented as Michael B Poyntz.

Do visit Michael’s Web site www.thatcanadianpoet.com

there is no way to tell you
how much you have changed my life
with just your smile
or in the quiet of the night
while your gentle breathing caresses
my body and soul

there is no way to thank you
for giving me back my life
how to explain your soft kiss
that I hunger for more
every sunrise lying
next to you

there is no way to replace
moments lost without you
time is too precious to throw away
and life and love is all about time
so please know my love
that I truly love you

there is no way to stop a clock
for if it were so
I would forever be allowed
one second frozen within eternity
as we sleep side by side
there is no way to tell you


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