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About Our Words: Gallant Horrie - The War Dog

Donita Gill tells of her family link with Horrie the war dog, featured in a recent column by journalist Eric Shackle.

Donita writes from Sydney, Australia:

Don Gill was my father who was with Jim Moody when they first found Horrie. I was one of the lucky ones that got to hear all the stories straight from the horses mouth.

He was an extremely brave little dog that saved so many lives and kept the morale of the diggers up. I believe that animals can be trained to protect there owners and handlers but also have a natural ability to warn of danger approaching with absolutely no training whatsoever. It's called "trust".

My grandmothers address was 28 Silver St, St Peters which was where all the correspondence was mailed to in regards to Horrie having to be destroyed.

Regards Donita Gill.



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