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North American Dreaming: Keys To Freedom

William Burkholder's poem expresses a longing that mankind should share the freedom of other animals.

The Dog,
free of his masters leash,
loose, and running.

The Man,
never ceasing to attempt the quelling
of this wild way be gone thing.

status quo,
watchwords of a machine.

Keys, wound in the backs,
of all the would be robots.
Chasing profound, worldly nothingness.

Tis sad that all leashes cannot be broken,
that we all cannot run and be free as the dog
as the horse, as the lion, as the bird.

'Tis a choice however,
that we choose to be staked out,
to be incarcerated within our own realms.

Such is the device where unhappiness and boredom breeds. Where we languish and suffer
from self-inflicted bindings.
Feeling helpless and un-loved.

To think and to know,
to be glad of the gifts bestowed upon us.
To understand that there is more out there
than what you can see at the end of your chain.

That over the next hill, in the distant valley, lay your keys to freedom.

Venture out and step away, look at where you have been.

Find the keys to unlock the chains, let your sun rise again.


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