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About Our Words: Healing Orange Juice?

Leigh Laycock 0f Batley Carr, West Yorkshire, has been prompted into action after reading an article by journalist Stan Solomons concerning a woman who believed in the surative properties of orange juice.

Leigh writes:

When you are terminally ill, which I am pleased to sayI am not, you will try anything. Hope is the biggest "lift'', so I would definitely try this. Citrus is itself a lift, so I am sure it can't hurt. I have M.E. for which there is no cure, but I do not think of it as a terminal illness. Just a different way of living. Knowing your limitations and listening to your body. Citrus helps me, but it may not help everyone.

As to it curing baldness, I will be trying it on my 24 year old son who has been bald on top since the age of 18. I will let you know what happens



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