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A Writer On Writing: The Kindle Debate

Are you a fan of the Kindle and similar e-book readers or do you like to turn real pages and enjoy the smell of a new book?

Sally Jenkins would welcome your views.

"Are you a fan of the Kindle and similar e-book readers or do you like to turn real pages and enjoy the smell of a new book?''

Sally Jenkins would welcome your views.

According to a Telegraph article, Mills and Boon readers are leading the way as buyers of e-books, possibly to avoid the ‘embarrassment factor’ of being seen reading them in public (personally I think there’s nothing wrong with reading M&B but I suppose if you’re a big butch male then you might not want to own up to your secret pleasure!). http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/8361994/Boom-in-Mills-and-Boon-electronic-book-sales.html One of the best-selling romantic downloads on Amazon is the M&B The Temp and the Tycoon by Liz Fielding. http://www.lizfielding.com/thetempandthetycoon.html

Sales of e-book readers amongst romance fans have been so great that Sony has designed a pink version of its reader complete with M&B logo (not one to buy if you prefer to hide your reading preferences!).

Philip Stone, charts editor at the Bookseller, said “Mills and Boon are probably the publisher feeling the biggest benefit from e-books. They were first out of the traps to take advantage of them.”

Whatever our current feelings about e-readers versus ‘real’ books I think we will see increasing numbers of people using them on buses trains etc. I started off very anti e-readers but am now beginning to find the thought of having all my books in one little device instead of piled around the house rather attractive.

This does mean that, as authors, we can no longer look forward to that thrill of spotting someone reading a book in public that we have written. But on the upside, e-books make self-publishing a lot easier. Have a look at Carol Bevitt’s blog http://carol-bevitt.blogspot.com/2011/03/kindle-direct-publishing.html for some useful information from freelance writer Deborah Durbin about Kindle Direct publishing. http://deborah-durbin.blogspot.com/

So, on balance I think we should welcome this new technology. For many of us there will be a long cross-over period when we read both physical books (I, for one, a have a huge backlog to get through) and at the same time get to grips with the new technologies of e-readers (great for holidays and travelling).

Let me know what you think.


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