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Got The T-Shirt: Clearing The Air - Today's News

Yesterday a Scottish newspaper the Sunday Herald published a barely concealed picture of a footballer alleged to have had an affair with a TV personality.

The footballer had taken advice from his lawyers to launch proceedings against Twitter and 'persons unknown' who have been revealing his name. A High Court decision forbade the naming of the footballer.

Steph Spiers brings us this poem which is as topical as the breaking news.

Good on you Richard Walker, you're a braver man than I.
Freedom fighter of the Sunday Herald, long may your presses fly.
Pray keep you safe in Glasgow enjoying Scottish liberty
You without a 'blindspot' for natural justice or Scots' morality
Fancy, joining forces with Yankie Twitter to set free the British Press.
I wonder, will blind Lady Justice atop the Bailey watch down from on high in that folded dress?
Will that besworded Lady shake her skirts free of injunctions, both super and ordinare
To pour shame on married philanderers,
not on those who seek to clear the air?


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