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North American Dreaming: Didactic Rebellion

William Burkholder's poem is a rallying cry to those who would be free of dictatorship.

The dido, to diddle on the didactic,
unconscious tutors, spilling instructions,
like farmers slopping hog's.

And we, the incarcerated, the penned,
force fed their edicts, their decrees.
Why should their judgment rule over me?

Aye, I will listen, I will heed,
that which is uttered in forethought,
Wisdom, love, and respect.

The new wave zippy craze,
it's not for me, full of self-import,
rather that of reflection
turning my stomach.

Speaking just to hear themselves,
their words fanning the flames
of sulfur stoked egos,

Evil, that they think theirs is the only way.
For mine is just a tiny piece of all of this,
millions, billions, strong, speak out!

Break the didactic chains that bind,
only those that chafe your being,
that bind the you, that choke the be.


Let loose the free soul within you!



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