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Dusk To Dusk: Friends, Lover And Strangers

Seconds to heartbeats
I live for you every day'''

Michael B Poyntz's poem reaches for the totality of true love.

Do visit Michael's rewarding Web site www.thatcanadianpoet.com

Crayons and movies
strawberry shortcake for two
these are things
that belong to me and you
whispers and seaside
a time by the bay

Days to hours
things that come what may

Airports, highways
... reasons
something always between us
our closest companion...
distance as our common bond
memories and moments of you
lay deep within my soul

Hours to minutes
things that come what may

Friends lovers and strangers
we became three as one
forgiving and needing
the softness of you and the sun
more for us was not to be never
truly knowing why

Minutes to seconds
things that come what may

Sunset to dusk
and all the moments
in between... we were free
and now that the years
have swept time away
like a tide beckoned by the sea

Seconds to heartbeats
I live for you every day


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