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North American Dreaming: Individual Journey

William Burkholder’s poem recommends that we find our own individual path.

In youth’s bounty; we celebrate all that abounds within young eyes.

Our ideology has yet to be hypnotized by life's cruel realities.

Freedom lies within this
true to color and form,
Lofty goals sights set on the sun.

Unguarded against burning rays. O that we stare into it. Eventually being blinded by life's self-perceived imports.

And the retorts of others,
Bandying away their dreams, schemes,
and opinionated ramblings.
Measure these well

for some are true aye,
others; misguided leading you down false trails.

Follow your heart and not those of another's mind and motive.

Votives lit to individual paths, not guided, not measured, not led by others.

Strike out! O strength, to be the individual!

To be the needle in your compass pointing the way to find the path of your own individual journey.


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