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About Our Words: Patience And Perseverance

Mary from Australia associated with an article by Sally Jenkins. Sally wrote "Over the last few months Iíve been submitting stuff into a big black hole with every editor ignoring me. However, patience and perseverance has paid off and in the last couple of weeks Iíve had a handful of positive responses.''

Mary said:

Hi Sally,
Good on you. It's so hard to remain positive when those submissions are constantly bouncing back at you.

Find your niche and go is my motto. Fiction isn't for me either. I haven't had much luck with it. I write a lot about my grandchildren. I used to worry that that's all I could do. Now I think that there are all sorts of writers and that most find what they are good at and stick to it. Even journalists seem to specialise one way or another.

Keep us all informed on how you go.



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