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Eric Shackle Writes: World's Best Whistler

Veteran journalist Eric Shackle informs us that there is a new claimant to the title of World's Best Whistler.

Sydney CEO Luke Janssen's claim to be the world's best whistler is being challenged by Zach Wade, a 22-year-old student in the Missouri School of Journalism.

You can hear both of them on YouTube.

Which TV channel will be first to organise a world championship between the pair?

Luke Janssen is CEO and founder of TigerSpike, a technology driven personal media company. He took part in the 2004 Sydney to Hobart yacht race.

You can hear (and see) his remarkable whistling style in this video:

And Zach Wade performs at

The Missouri School of Journalism's website says:
"Convergence senior Zach Wade is also known on YouTube as the World’s Best Whistler. The video we embedded above has gotten more than 150,000 views on YouTube, and
Wade’s whistling videos have gotten a combined 265,000 views online.

"Wade said those views haven’t come all at once from links on Digg or other popular websites, but instead are spread out over time, with a few hundred or thousand views each week.

"Wade began posting videos of himself whistling on YouTube as a freshman at Mizzou after his friends told him he was a great whistler, and he wanted to see what the online
community thought of his whistling. The reaction? 'I get a lot of criticism and a lot of praise', but nothing much in between,' Wade said."


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