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An Englishman In New York: A Squillionaire's Gift?

Driving through the Hamptons some months ago columnist David Thomasesson spotted one happy squillionaire.

Driving through the Hamptons on our way to a family Memorial Service, we spied a large covered van out of the rear of which a brand spanking new Bentley was being gently disgorged. Presumably an early Christmas present, with the expectant father on hand, nervously watching the proceedings. In fact he appeared to be dancing with joy. Either that or, because it was so beastly cold in the squillionaires playground, he was dying to go inside for a pee.

And this, coming just days after the announcement of a slight uptick in the unemployment rate, and the news that over two million people are now coming to the end of their unemployment benefits, just in time for Christmas. Makes you think Scrooge had a point. Anyway, if it’s “her” gift, let’s hope he has plenty of red-ribbon. If she doesn’t like it he’s just purchased the world’s most expensive noose.

Out of curiosity I took a spin around the Bentley Motors web-site. http://www.bentleymotors.com/ As expected, it ladles on the idea of craftsmanship, and the generations of experience lovingly hand-made into each car, sorry motor car, which can take up to two months to build. For example; “There’s something about walnut that captures the imagination of many Bentley customers. Perhaps it’s that dense, tight grain and rich depth of color. For many, it’s the stunning ‘mirror matching’ finish that appears after our craftspeople have spent weeks treating the veneer leaves and then applying them to a car’s interior. Whatever the wood preference, our customers can rest assured of two things: first, we scour the world to find the very finest renewable materials; secondly, we spend weeks preparing and applying them in just the right manner.” And “With more wood than ever before and requiring 17 of the highest quality leather hides in each car, the (Bentley) Mulsanne http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mulsanne is designed to offer a level of comfort never seen before. Premium materials, sourced from all over the world, must meet exacting levels of quality and be produced in a sustainable and ethical way.”

Notice anything? It’s all highlighted in that last sentence. Their raw material buyers circle the globe for premium materials. So they're all for sustainability this and ethically that...but bugger the carbon footprint then?

Question for the Chairman at the next shareholder’s Annual General Meeting “Do your sustainably and ethically produced Green efforts offset the carbon emissions produced by flying around the world? And if not, how do you sleep at night?”

Sir can even select external paint colors from their “Visualizer”, and also for the upholstery which is, probably, as tightly stitched as his wife’s face! And finally, one can also contact one of their dealers who are “highly committed”. Yes, no doubt committed to relieving Sir of as much money as possible.


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