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Letter From America: Gazin’ at ‘Is Babby

Here's a poem with a chuckle in its tail written by Ronnie Bray in his native Broad Yorkshire.

It wor ‘is fust li’l babby,
An’ he gazed upon the child
Wi’ tear-dimmed een and choking gasp,
‘Is aspect red an’ wahld.

’Is wahf lukked in on’t scene an’ thowt,
"By gow, he’s full o’ prahd,
Ter stand an’ luk at babby so,"
An’ said so. ‘E replahd,

"It’ in’t war babby maks mi tears,
Mi dahlin’ wahf an’ brahd,
It’s thinkin’ wot we payd for t’’crib
As maks nmi weyp aht lahd!

"A fahve pahn nooat gon up I’ smooak!
Jes think wot we cud bah
Wi’ fahv wek’s wages, sted o’ this.
That’s wah ‘Ah stan’ an’ crah!"


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