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North American Dreaming: Sojourn – Part One

William Burkholder heads for a place of peace.

The trunk is packed;
I am heading back, to the place,
where serenity dwells.

Where saw grass sways,
on summer days,
imbibing the nectar of life.

I journey there,
from far and near,
as much, and as often as 1 can,
to relax, and reassess,
my wanderings, thus far.

I take not pride or ego too,
simple reverence, for all things good,
dwelling natives who practice there,
teaching me insights of love's raging fire.

Of all things pure of all things sweet,
I step out into the street, ticket in hand,
And ready to meet, fellow travellers all.

Pioneers searching the beckon call,

The Land of my Sojourn.


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