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North American Dreaming: Sojourn - Part Two

William Burkholder's poem expresses a longing for greater self-awareness.

The land of my sojourn;
Where there is no what or why,
Just a beautiful garden.
To love and lie with that special one.

Where life's troubles are forbidden.
Where only dreams of bohemian existence can survive.
My mission; to become more insightful,

More aware of me, you, he, she, they, us, and them.
More aware of my hates,
more aware of my loves,
more aware of my misgivings,
more aware of my breath,
more aware of my footsteps,
more aware of my neighbor,
more aware of my enemies,
more aware of nature,
more aware of my sunrises,
more aware of the coming night,

To learn to love deeper,
to stand emotionally stronger,
becoming that of the sub macro,
to be like Jesus.

Like Aristotle,
like Pluto, and Blackstone.

To be more than the sum of my mere humanity.
Aye, the land of my sojourn;
not so much in the destination,
but the journey and the road traveled to get there.


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