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Got The T-Shirt: Physical Enhancement

All that money spent on beautifying the female body - and for what?

Steph Spiers tells the truth - varnished and unvarnished - about the reason for looking good.

Ten little tiny fingers, ten little tiny toes,
umpteen whitened new teeth, an’ shiny new nose.

Stitched and stapled jaw line stretches up to the brows,
raised an’ plumped up boobies under that stretch blouse.

Crow’s feet are a memory, tummy tucked and flat,
thighs sucked and cellulite beaten with a big cricket bat.

Hair roots golden blonded, all trace of grey removed,
lots of horse tail extensions stapled in and glued.

Legs and underarms are shaven with a trusty blade,
nails and lips are painted ... just so we’re ready to get laid ....


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