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Western Oz Words: Whence Comes This Joy?

Margaret Dunn's poem recommends that you should grasp joy whenever it presents itself.

Its not the giddy smiling from the Good Red Wine
Nor my evening walk when all the world is still
The long awaited voice on the telephone is pleasing
But it gives a glow of pleasure not a thrill

No This joy is from the sexy rush of tango
As I dance to the music of accordion and cello
And the unexpected gaiety a chance encounter brings
With the promise of excitement in a glance

When its night time in the City and the streets are filled
With life, then the music from the restaurants and bars
Channels all that human energy left over from the day
And I can ride a moonbeam to the Stars

This joy is just a sudden flash that penetrates my soul
And I never know the source I just accept it
I grasp it with my willing mind whenever it alights
And you should do the same You wont regret it!


For more of Margaret's words please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/western_oz_words/


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