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Donkin's World: Battle Beavers

Richard Donkin's talented sons launch a new game.

Introducing Battle Beavers - John and Rob's new game. Having played this one I can confirm it's a little bit too advanced for adults and best left to the kids to work out. Rob did the coding and John the artwork. This is one of their most sophisticated games yet but the market is becoming squeezed as games websites are increasingly reluctant to put up money for publishing deals. This game must earn its corn through a percentage on numbers of plays. http://www.kongregate.com/games/Rob_Almighty/battle-beavers

Given their track record in previous games it's quite likely that Battle Beavers will attract plenty of interest, but it doesn't seem just that these games can have several millions of plays for relatively modest returns.

Right now the boys are working on a multi-player game that will have its own website. It's involved quite a learning curve with more complicated coding than that found in conventional flash games.

Gill and me played it earlier this week. Again it's very much a kids' game, not one of the puzzle games that we enjoy most. But I agree with John and Rob that the game has plenty of potential so we must wait and see.

Why Battle Beavers? I have no idea, except they're beavers and they don't like to be pushed around. The game is introduced using a strip-cartoon story.


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