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National Trust News: Beach Is Best

"New research carried out by the National Trust, in partnership with the UK's favourite family history website Ancestry.co.uk, shows that spending a day by the seaside – as families have done for generations - comes out top when enjoying the August bank holiday,'' announces Sally Williams.

More than a third of us are most likely to choose to visit the beach over other activities during the August bank holiday weekend.

The survey revealed that 39% of us prefer to go to the seaside, beating shopping or visiting a theme park, to enjoy the summer’s final long weekend. Spending time with friends and family also proved popular, with a third of us opting to visit and share bank holidays with our loved ones.

Angela Crouch from Ancestry.co.uk comments: “What's interesting about the history of bank holidays is that the way in which we enjoy them has remained constant over more than a century. We are still opting to spend these long weekends at the beach and with family and friends.”

Each year, an estimated 50 million people visit the National Trust’s coast and countryside which includes some of the most stunning beaches in the UK, from the southerly tip of Cornwall to the north coast of Northern Ireland.

Spending time at the seaside has been a preferred pastime for Brits for centuries, and since the creation of the 1871 Bank Holiday Act, there have been numerous opportunities throughout the year to make the most of these days off work to enjoy the outdoors.

At the National Trust’s Chapel Porth beach in Cornwall, the Trust and Ancestry.co.uk recreated a bank holiday beach scene from the 1950s to compare how the area is used today, finding little has changed in well over a half century about the way people enjoy the simple pleasures of the beach in summertime.

The National Trust’s first ever acquisition was an area of coastline called Dinas Oleu in Wales and purchased in 1895 for members of the public to enjoy, meaning that the UK's largest conservation charity has been providing ways of unwinding on bank holidays for almost as long as bank holidays have been existence.

This new research is part of a partnership between the National Trust and Ancestry.co.uk, aimed at inspiring people to discover their heritage and find out how their ancestors lived.

It brings together the National Trust’s 3.8 million members with Ancestry.co.uk's 870 million records in collections, to promote and raise awareness of conserving the UK’s heritage and the stories that lie behind it. To find out more about your ancestors, go to go to: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ancestry


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