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Feather's Miscellany: Bishop George Bell (1881 – 1958)

John Waddington-Feather pays tribute to George Bell, “ Chichester’s bishop, but a man for all,’’

A man who, like his name, rang true;
fearless in defence of truth, outspoken against wrong,
whether it were here or elsewhere.

A man of his time supporting the Confessing Church
against vile lies the Nazis spawned,
a Church martyred for the Faith.

A man who braved much wrath at home and challenged
Churchill for the right; pleaded forgiveness
in the heat of war – not vengeance.

A man who held his hand to other faiths,
crossing the boundaries of creed and colour
to pioneer a universal way to God.

George Bell, Chichester’s bishop, but a man for all,
we salute and honour your name,
still ringing true as ever.

John Waddington-Feather ©


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