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Arkell's Ark: Lazy Days

Ian Arkellís poem captures those sunny, lazy days on the beach.

Iíve cut the lawn, trimmed the hedge
the birds love me once again
Itís good to see them and
watch them take the proceeds to the nest
up in the tree where hungry mouths
remember me

Down on the beach today,
a north sea breeze does its thing,
the sun happily chases clouds across the sky
warming me as I sit, protected in a corner
and nurse a wine or two

for a little kid across the room,
lost in an ice cream cone
this is as complicated as life gets,
so far

Mum looks great, while Dadís a little sour
thereís just a bit of friction there I think, but
just for now ice cream, chocolate
rule the day

between the birds, the sun,
a kid enjoying life, and
a Mum and Dad who arenít,
things are pretty good

a sleepy afternoon, made
for drifting off
the sound of conversations,
seagulls laughing


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